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Dear friends and distinguished colleagues,

on behalf of PRO RETINA Germany, the organizing team is delighted to welcome you to the 14th International Research Colloquium on Retinal Degeneration to be held in Potsdam at the beautiful Templiner See, from March 22 to 23, 2019. Over two half-days, we want to stimulate an interdisciplinary dialogue addressing the expectations for current and future therapies in inherited retinal dystrophies. We also focus on obstacles and challenges of potential therapeutic pathways as a prerequisite to further improve on our performances in treating this important and sight-threatening group of ophthalmic diseases. Specifically, three plenary sessions center on molecular diagnostics and gene therapy in retinal dystrophies, on retina chip technology and optogenetic approaches and finally on cell substitution for restoring visual function. We are delighted to present distinguished national as well as international experts in the field who will present critical reviews on state-of-art and future directions in the quest to bringing the most powerful and efficient treatment to the patient.

This year’s keynote lecture will be given by Prof. Rando Allikmets from Columbia University in New York who will emphasize the importance of mutational effects and how such effects critically may influence gene therapy performance. The first day of the meeting will be concluded by our traditional evening lecture held by Prof. Birgit Lorenz, Director of the University Eye Clinic at Gießen, Germany. Prof. Lorenz will recount the long and rocky road to gene therapy in RPE65 deficiency and will specifically address the challenges in diagnosis and treatment of the RPE65-associated Leber congenital amaurosis.

With these activities and exquisite platforms for communication and discussion, senior and junior basic scientists as well as clinician scientists, clinicians and patients, will have the opportunity to learn about recent advances but also to exchange bold and challenging ideas which may further advance the field. PRO RETINA Germany and the organizing team wishes you an enjoyable PRO RETINA Potsdam Symposium 2019.

PRO RETINA Germany, founded in 1977, is a patient organization with a longstanding commitment “to encourage ophthalmic research, to battle disease and to ensure a self-determined life of persons with retinal degeneration”. In continuation of its many activities in supporting these goals, PRO RETINA Germany also sponsors the Potsdam meeting series since its beginnings in 2005.

The organizing committee:
Franz Badura, Prof. Dr. Klaus Rüther, Prof. Dr. Olaf Strauß and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Weber


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