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Friday, April 4th 2014

13:00 – 13:05: Welcome remarks: Franz Badura, PRO RETINA

13:05 – 13:50: Keynote lecture: Thomas Rosenberg, Glostrup “The Sleeping Beauty (Dornröschen) is still dreaming of her prince – Clinical trials in retinal dystrophies

13:50 – 15:30: Session 1

  1. Diana Pauly, Regensburg: “Antibody therapies in AMD as a treatment option – an overwiew”
  2. Glen Jeffrey, London: “Complement and AMD: Are there lessions from animal models?”
  3. Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg, Bonn: “Role for the complement system as a therapeutic target in athropic age-related macular degeneration”
  4. Bärbel Rohrer, Charleston: “Complement-activation and age-related macular degeneration: Generation of novel treatments and diagnostics”

15:30 – 16:30: Coffee break with scientific chitchat

16:30 – 18:10: Session 2

  1. Muna Naash, Oklahoma City: “Nanoparticles as highly efficient ocular delivery systems”
  2. Daniel Chung, Philadelphia: “Update on RPE65 gene therapy clinical trials – can we halt retinal degeneration?”
  3. Markus Groppe, Oxford: “Choroideremia gene therapy trials shows proof of concept with relevance to all retinal degenerations”
  4. Armin Göpferich, Regensburg: “Targeted nanoparticles”

18:10: Dinner

19:30 – open: Swingin’ Poster Session

Saturday, April 5th 2014

08:45 – 10:25: Session 3

  1. Michael Bach/Robert Wilke, Freiburg: “Perception with visual prosthetics”
  2. Moritz Helmstaedter, München: “Reconstructing the retina: Connectomics of the inner plexiform layer”
  3. Jens Dübel, Paris: “Restoring vision by using microbial opsins”
  4. Marc Greenlee, Regensburg: “ Vision without a fovea: Results of training eccentric fixation in AMD patients ”

10:25 – 11:15: Coffee break

11:15 – 12:55: Session 4

Eight selected poster presentations, followed by presenting the 2014 PRO RETINA poster award price

12:55 – 13:00: Concluding Remarks

13:00: Lunch and end of meeting

The conference language is English.


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