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Focus on Therapy

Friday, April 17th 2009

13:00–13:05 Franz Badura (PRO RETINA Research Foundation, research division)
Welcome and opening remarks

13:05–13:15 Claus Gehrig (Chairman, PRO RETINA Deutschland e. V.)
“From the Patients View”

13:15–13:30 Eberhart Zrenner (Chairman, Scientific Medical Advisory Board)
“Retinal Degeneration – Focus on Therapy”

13:30–15:35 Session 1: Molecular therapy in retinal degeneration – present and future
Chairman: Prof. Bernhard Weber

  1. Scott Robbie, London: “Update on clinical trial of gene therapy for RPE65”
  2. Peter Humphries, Dublin: “Gene therapy of dominant RP”
  3. John Neidhardt, Zürich: “Gene therapy to rescue splice defects causing retinal degeneration”
  4. Uwe Wolfrum, Mainz: “Molecular genetic strategies for the treatment of Usher syndrome in the retina”
  5. Paul Lingor, Göttingen: “AAV-based gene therapy for de- and regeneration in the retina”

15:35–16:15 Coffee break and scientific chitchat

16:15–18:20 Session 2: Cell-based therapy approaches in retinal degeneration
Chairman: Prof. Peter Humphries

  1. Marius Ader, Dresden: “Retinal cell differentiation into mature photoreceptors”
  2. Mike Karl, Seattle: “Identification of neuronal precursor cells in the retina”
  3. Amanda Barber, London: “Development of improved protocols for photoreceptor cell transplantation”
  4. Raymond D. Lund, Oregon: “Photoreceptor progenitor cells in the treatment of retinal degeneration”
  5. Konrad Kauper, Neurotec, Rhode Island: “Experience with the CNTF clinical trial”

18:30 Dinner

19:30 “Swingin’ Poster Session and Get Together”

Saturday, April 18th 2009

8:30–10:10 Session 3: Addressing microglia in retinal degeneration and therapy
Chairman: Prof. Olaf Strauß

  1. Solon Thanos, Münster: “Microglia in retinal degeneration”
  2. Florian Sennlaub, Paris INSERM: “Chemokine receptor CX3CR1 in AMD”
  3. Jonathan Cooper, King’s College London: “Novel roles for glia in NCL pathogenesis”
  4. Thomas Langmann, Regensburg: “Modulation of microglia activity by dietary lipids”

10:10–11:00 Coffee break and scientific chitchat

11:00–12:15 Session 4: Clinical trials – Planning, Implementation and Experience
Chairman: Prof. Klaus Rüther

  1. Holger Lüdtke, Tübingen: “Study design and Randomization in clinical trials”
  2. Barbara Wilhelm, Tübingen: “Performance of clinical trials”
  3. Paulus deJong, Amsterdam: “Read-out and interpretation of clinical trials in retinal degeneration”

12:20–13:00 Poster Awards and Short Presentations

13:00 Lunch and end of meeting


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